Tatralan Halls

welcome to haly-tatralan.sk

Do you need to find a solution for your storing spaces? Try the textile hall from us! What do we do? We have the cheapest and fastest solution for you at the market!

  • Warranty for our halls is 5 years.
  • There is no need of the building licence for one type of our halls.
  • Our halls can be used as warehouses, ridding halls, stores, tennis courts, hangars, podiums, playgrounds etc.
  • Halls to rent.

We are Slovak company with the long tradition in the production of textile halls. Tatralan nowdays offer wide portfolio of products:

HALLS – our quality with the long tradition

PARTY TENTS – offers uncountable possibilities of use. If you are looking for the roofing which is highly mobile and easy to assemble, our party tents are the right solution for you.

PARTY TENTS RENTAL SERVICES – we provide the complete service

TEXTILE ARCHITECTURE – provides the solutions for buildings roofing, fair stands, playgrounds etc.

In Tatralan products portfolio you can also find: car tarpaulins, decontamination baths, greenhouses, pipe line stoppers, caravan canopies, floating barrages, tarpaulins, anti-flooding barrier system, tents, textile garages, transport bags